about the artist

hi everyone. my name’s ryan. i’m a brooklyn based 

latinx, lgbtq+ dancer and visual artist 


i began painting in high school while studying through an art concentration but found myself  moving away from the art form when dance became my focus


as a dancer and choreographer, my emotional experiences are expressed through physicality; allowing the body to feel and articulate what words often cannot 


when covid-19 forced us indoors and brought the dance industry to a halt, my need for physical expression turned me back to painting. it quickly became a familiar outlet that allowed me to find a

purpose in art again 


my pieces are inspired by earthy, grounded color palettes and heavily bodied textures that I can feel physically and manipulate through movement 


the aim for my art is to create pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also bring comfort and warmth to your space. my shop is driven by the ideals of eco-friendly, sustainable practices and a desire to give to the communities around me