my core values

eco-friendly policies

- i pride myself on running environmentally friendly shop
- all packaging is plastic free, 
made from recycled materials, and can be curbside recycled and/or reused  
- i keep packaging minimal and don’t add extras to reduce paper usage and likely waste

- for details on eco-friendly packaging solutions please check out my instagram or for informational videos  and posts. or feel free to message me about questions you may have. 

shop local and support wisely

⁃ with the ideal of supporting local small businesses in mind, i source as many of my materials and services    possible from shops in my neighborhood
⁃ all prints are made at a family owned NY print company that uses recycles paper and is 100% carbon neutral

⁃ the majority of my paints, plasters, canvases and miscellaneous supplies are purchased at local art stores and            smaller retailers

- large corporate retailers, such as amazon, walmart, etc., will not be used by this shop

supporting communities in need

⁃ this shop began as a fundraising effort to give to Black Lives Matter organizations and families affected by police      violence during the summer of 2020

- this past year has drawn mass public attention to ways our government, not only consistently abandons BIPOC        and LGBTQIA communities, but also systemically furthers their disenfranchisement and oppression

- i will always stay true to the reason this shop opened and use 20% of my profits to give back to marginalized    communities in need of aid and resources