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Red Canary Song - april donation recipient - $75!!

Updated: May 25

this past year has been horrendously difficult for Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. widespread misinformation and racist rhetoric from the previous white house administration surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered an unprecedented surge in hate crimes against these communities.

(3,795 incidents reported in the u.s. since March 19, 2020)

in light of the recent tragedy in Atlanta and the daily attacks across the country, it felt irresponsible not to send support to theAAPI community during this time.

with this in mind, i have chosen Red Canary Song as the donation recipient for the month of april.

Mission Statement:

“Red Canary Song centers basebuilding with migrant workers through a labor rights framework and mutual aid. We believe that full decriminalization is necessary for labor organizing and anti-trafficking. #RightsNotRaids #SexWorkIsWork

Red Canary Song is a grassroots collective based in flushing, queens which focuses on the aid, advocacy, and protection of migrant workers and sex workers in Asian communities. RCS was founded in november of 2018 in response to the unjust death of Yang Song during a police raid in 2017. since then they have continuously fought for the deescalation of policing in these areas and industries as well as standardized labor rights for all workers regardless of immigration status.

during the month april, 20% of all profits from this shop will go directly to Red Canary Song to help fund their mutual aid programs and resource networks, and support their community.

for more information please check out Red Canary Song’s website and instagram

additional resources and information

Red Canary Song COVID-19 Statement - impact of COVID-19 on flushing, nyc AAPI community

defining geographic origins of the AAPI community

Stop AAPI Hate - national AAPI hate crime reporting center

NAMI - mental health resources for the AAPI community

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